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Mistletoe has won a well deserved reputation over many years for its White wines.
In the last decade the awards and accolades were in the main earned by our Chardonnays,especially the Reserve bottlings.
However, coincidentally with the move to screwcap closures, our Semillons and Verdelhos have rated very highly in recent years as well.
From outside the Hunter our Hilltops Noble Viognier has also won much praise.

Bruce Tyrrell is quoted as saying " with the advent of screwcap closures Hunter Semillon is entering a Golden Age"

We couldn't agree more.
The use of screwcaps virtually guarantees that very good young Hunter Semillons will with time prove to be great Hunter Semillons.
Our Reserve Semillons are obviously the ones built for long term cellaring but our Home Vineyard and Silvereye Semillons are also ageing beautifully under screwcap.
Screwcaps have also changed the way Chardonnay ages and develops.
These wines are also  better for the change and have a much more certain and longer future.
As an example both Mistletoe Chardonnay and Semillon from the 2004 vintage are drinking beautifully at the moment.
Sorry, we only have Museum reference stock of these wines but we do have Reserve Semillons available from 2004 Vintage onwards.
We think the 2013 Reserve Semillon is perhaps the very best Semillon we have ever made. It is a mutli trophy winning wine that you can cellar carefully and enjoy at anytime in the next 10-15 years.