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Grand Reserve Shiraz 2014

"Quality without compromise"

Mistletoe only makes wine if  we think the grapes are sound enough to make a wine that will not diminish our hard- earned reputation.
With red grapes grown in the Hunter  this can,in some years,prove to be very frustrating.
With the climate being classified sub-tropical,the Hunter experiences Summer rainfall which at times can be quite heavy and prolonged.
The white grape varieties are the first to be harvested with the red varieties taking anywhere from an extra week to four  weeks (depending on the year and variety ) to reach optimum ripeness.
This extra time on the vine makes the reds very susceptible to disease if rain falls during that period.
In the last 6 years we have had two vintages where did not harvest any red grapes and in 2013 we only harvested approximately 20% of the grapes we expected to get.
To supplement our red production in those difficult years we have been buying grapes from Young in South Western NSW for the past decade.
This region is known as Hilltops.
We transport the grapes to Mistletoe and all the wine-making is carried out in our onsite winery.
We source the following red varieties from Hilltops ,Shiraz,Cabernet,Merlot.
We also make a Shiraz Viognier blend.
Recent  standout vintages for Hunter Shiraz have been 2013,2011,2009,2007 with the 2014 vintage possibly the best in living memory.
The Shiraz we have made from the 2017 Vintage are very,very good so keep an eye out for these when they are released  mid 2018.