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Petite Muscat 2015
Mistletoe makes dessert wine styles which are different to the majority of the styles made in Australia.
Our personal favourite is the Petite Muscat.
This is in essence a "White Port".
The 2015 vintage of this wine is our best yet!
See the tasting notes for a full appraisal of this wine.

We have made Botrytis Semillons in the the past and have enjoyed much success with these.

However, we now make a late harvested botrytis affected style from the Viognier grape.
This wine is titled "Noble Viognier" in reference to the botrytis mould which grows on the grapes when they are left out to gain the maximum ripeness and high sugar levels that are needed to make good dessert wines.
This botrytis mould is also called "Noble Rot". 
What this (Noble)  means is,that unlike most moulds and fungi,it actually enhances,and concentrates, the flavours in the grapes  rather than them just turning sour and rotting.
The 2012 vintage of our Noble Viognier was rated at 96 points and was selected as one of the Top Ten dessert wines in Australia for 2014.
Unfortunately it has all been sold,however,the 2014 vintage is now available and is a really lovely example of the style.
People tend to get locked into thinking that these sweeter wines are just dessert wines.
If you want to try something out of left field as a food match, pair either the Noble Viognier or the Petite Muscat with a Blue Cheese Gnocchi.
A match made in heaven!