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Mistletoe Winery Current Cellar door Order form

Mistletoe Winery cellar door

You would like  to order some wine from Mistletoe but you are not comfortable with committing your details online.

You are more than welcome to call us

toll free on

1800-055-080 - daily 9am until 6pm

or print out the current Mistletoe Cellar Door order form here and either scan and email to us, or fax, or send to us by "snail - mail".


Mistletoe offers great deals to all its mail list members without them being locked into  any permanent purchasing arrangement.

If you are not a current Mistletoe mail list member please read the item titled "No Wine Club explained". You can find this under the drop down menu button "ABOUT US"

If you are then interested in  joining go to the enrolment form on the bottom left hand side of the Mistletoe Home Page and enter your details there.

You will then receive an email with the relevant URL Promo Code which will give you access to the Mistletoe Members Area.

The Mistletoe Crew!