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Kangaroos new diet!

Drunken kangaroos???  

No,not really but they are however enjoying a change of diet!

When we are making wine we have a by-product which is called marc.

In essence this is the leftover skins,stalks and seeds together with some remaining grape flesh.

With the white grapes we just whole bunch press the grapes and then discard the marc by dumping it in the paddock to compost. However, what happens as part of the composting process is that it ferments producing small quantities of alcohol. This attracts kangaroos and ducks,magpies etc. as it smells quite good during the fermentation period.

They eat the marc as it actually tastes great – a real treat for them, especially in a dry year,like this year,  when the grasses they normally eat have not grown all that well or have died off as a result of the dry and very hot weather.

We haven’t seen any drunken animals as yet but the magpies seem to be singing a lot more than usual of late.