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Future winemaker??

Mistletoe granddaughter, Jessica, to make wine.

Our eldest granddaughter ,Jessica, who turned 16 in May recently advised us that she has chosen winemaking as her future career path.

We have not in any way pushed her to make this decision, her love of  Mistletoe has seen her make this decision on her own.

The winemaking process has always intrigued  her since she was 3 years old.

We can only guess the enthusiasm of  her grandparents, for  growing grapes and making great wine,  has led her to this decision.







For that reason Jessica has recently done work experience at one of the Hunter’s leading wineries.

At the end of her time there they said that she was so enthusiastic and diligent that they would give her a job straight away.

She begged her  mother, our daughter Cassandra (aka The Golden Child) that she should be able to  leave school and start work .

We have however, convinced her that she should continue with her studies through to year 12, and then off to Wine University, Roseworthy College at the Waite Campus in Adelaide.

We have decided together that, in the interests of her long term career, that she should work anywhere else except Mistletoe in her formative years.

The international wine industry has very  close associations.

Through our involvement over 25 years we have built a considerable list of friends located in wine producing regions throughout the world.

Through these contacts Jessica will be able to gain firsthand experience of the world wine industry.

She will have the opportunity to live the life that I  wished for as a much younger man.

Having said that, we have also decided that we should do anything we can  to encourage her.

Therefore ,in 2014 Jessica will make her first wine.

Under the supervision of her Grandad and Mistletoe’s  much lauded  winemaker, Nick Paterson, Jess will be responsible for her own Hunter Valley Shiraz.   Weather permitting!

Watch this space with interest!