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Welcome Christmas Newsletter 2013

Welcome to the Mistletoe Winery Christmas newsletter for 2013.

Another year has slipped by so quickly.

As you age, it makes you seriously wonder, how quickly can a year disappear?

It is my birthday today (as I write this) and it has been a great day with our children and grandchildren visiting or phoning. A cake (with just 10 candles?) appeared and was demolished just as quickly by ravenous grandkids!

They all think that I am so old, I have made a monumental decision and have, at last, decided that I should move to metric years whenever my age is questioned.

I am therefore now officially 16 years Celsius!

Too many of those old Fahrenheit years to cope with now!

Gwen has taken this on board apprehensively.

She says she had gotten used to not living with a teenager!

Talking about old age, recently, I was extolling to an older, regular visitor to cellar door of the cellaring potential of the Mistletoe Reserve Shiraz 2009.

I mentioned James Halliday’s critique of this particular wine where he suggested it could be successfully cellared to 2050.

This gentleman looked me in the eye and said, "listen sonny, I don’t buy green bananas or long playing records anymore!"

Through our cellar door we have the wonderful privilege of meeting people like this on a very regular basis. This is just another aspect of why we enjoy what we do so much!

Vintage 2013 update. We have not long bottled our 2013 white wines and now the vines are again resplendent in their late Spring plumage, preparing for Vintage 2014. Time goes so quickly! As you probably know we are experiencing a dry, hot start to Spring, very similar to the lead up to the 1994 Vintage. We have not been affected by bushfires as yet. November is forecast to be a moderately wet month.

If that prediction proves to be true, the rain will be very welcome indeed.

A large number of people on our database reside in areas throughout NSW that have been recently ravaged by fire. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we trust you have not experienced too much hardship or personal loss.

Our thanks goes to "The Firies" - the girls and guys from the RFS who do such a great job without any complaint, fuss or fanfare. A lot of us tend to forget that these people are volunteers who leave their regular work to assist in these dangerous and trying events.

Well done to all of you!

New Releases

There are 7 new release wines offered for the first time in this newsletter.

Six of these are from the fantastic 2013 vintage.

They are -

Reserve Semillon 2013 - Home Vineyard Semillon 2013- Silvereye Semillon 2013 Petillant Sparkling Rose 2013 - The Rose 2013 -Barrel Fermented Rose 2013

Also the Petillant Blanc de Blanc 2012 - 100% bottle fermented Chardonnay.

See full details, tasting notes etc. for all 7 new releases in the wine pages section of the Mistletoe website.


Petillant Blanc de Blanc 2012.

 This wine has been made using the same techniques for the production of Champagne. The Chardonnay grapes used for this wine were grown in the Hilltops (Young) region of South Western NSW.


This is a cooler higher altitude area.

Cooler areas generally speaking grow grapes with higher natural acidity.

This natural acidity provides the backbone for making excellent sparkling wine.

The wine was first fermented in French oak puncheons prior to secondary fermentation in the bottle in which it is sold.

After the secondary ferment the wine was disgorged to remove post ferment sediment.

This is done by freezing the neck of the bottle and removing a frozen plug of the wine which contains the sediment from that secondary ferment.

This leaves the bottle not quite full.

Normal practise sees the addition of a liqueur (or sweetener) at this stage.

As we are seeking to make a palate cleansing aperitif style of wine we declined this opportunity and topped the bottle with the same wine.

This is what is termed a "zero dosage" style. i.e. bone dry – perfect as an aperitif!

This wine was disgorged after 4 months on lees so it is fresh, crisp and refreshing with delightfully small bubbles.

It has had 12 months maturation prior to release, but

will continue to improve with bottle age over the next 6-7 years.

Great drink for the Festive Season!


Just a brief heads up – the 2013 vintage wines we have made, are as good as we have ever seen !

Restaurant listings – retail distribution

Over the years we have been approached by many restaurants wanting to stock our wines.

For various reasons we have not followed this course previously.

One of those reasons was trying to find a wholesaler who would do the right thing with our brand and also the limited qty. of wine we would have available for wholesale.

We have now commenced to sell our wines in the Sydney area.

Our new representation commences from December 1st with the initial focus being directed on restaurants and wine bars within the Greater Sydney area.

 Keep an eye out for our wines around the Sydney scene – a quick reference guide listing who is stocking Mistletoe will be a feature on the new website.


Do you get Hunter Valley Semillon?

Reserve Semillon 2011


Hunter Valley Semillon.

 Do you get Hunter Semillon?

Do you understand why it is lauded so highly, indeed praised, by wine critics and wine judges both Internationally as well as in Australia?

Would you like to learn more?

Mistletoe has produced three completely different Semillons each year since 1998.

In particular, our Reserve Semillons have achieved many, many, awards and accolades over the past decade.

During that time we have kept back some of each vintage for long term maturation.

Visit Mistletoe

During the period November 2013 until June 2014, visit Mistletoe any Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and in addition to tasting our current release Semillons it will be our pleasure to guide you through a selection from some of our mature Reserve wines.

Hunter Valley Semillon from the good vintage years, made well, can live and develop in the bottle for many, many years.

With time the wine goes through a metamorphosis and changes from being a shy, wan youngster to a complex golden nectar. Wines such as these start to show these changes from 3-4 years in bottle and continue to build for over a decade or even longer.

The great Hunter Semillons from the best vintage years have been regarded over many decades to be one of the world’s greatest wine styles.

Indeed, the English wine writer Jancis Robinson says "Hunter Valley Semillon is Australia’s great gift to the world of wine".

The downsides of extended cellaring of these wines sealed with natural cork now well-known and documented.

Nearly all, if not all, of Hunter Semillon production is now bottled under screwcap.

Since 2004 all Mistletoe wines have been sealed this way.

Because the wines are ageing so well, without any losses (as was the case with cork), Bruce Tyrrell from Tyrrell’s Hunter Valley winery has declared that we are now entering a "Golden Age" for Hunter Semillon!

We could not agree more!

We now have a library, from Vintage 2004 to Vintage 2013, of Mistletoe Reserve Semillons that are screwcapped.

It is a real joy for us to see the way the earlier vintages of these wines are developing.

Visit Mistletoe while we are tasting some of these older wines and you will then probably get to understand Hunter Semillon.