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Seasons Greetings!

All of us at Mistletoe would, like to say thank you to you, our loyal customers and friends. Yes, we have made a lot of our customers friends over the years and it is fantastic to see you coming back year after year. Your continued support tells us that we must be doing something right.

We would like to wish everyone of you all the very best for a happy, safe and wonderful Christmas and Festive Season followed by a prosperous and healthy 2013.

Our warmest regards and thank you for your interest in Mistletoe.
Ken, Gwen, Rob, Cassandra aka Golden Child, all the grandkids, Kristy, Roger, Margaret and Lynda, and our special winemaker Nick Paterson.

Vineyard Report

It is a hot and dry day here in the Hunter with the wind blowing strongly from the North West. We have hardly had any rainfall over the past 3 months. This is the complete opposite to this time last year when we were experiencing a very wet Spring. That very wet Spring turned into a very wet Summer, with the region experiencing heavy rainfall during February and March.

At Mistletoe we managed to harvest the Semillon and Chardonnay grapes prior to the rain, but, unfortunately, we did not harvest any red grapes at all from either the Hunter Valley or our backup region Hilltops. Therefore there will not be any Mistletoe red or rosé wines bearing the 2012 vintage label. We could have made some reds but decided against this because they would have been of inferior quality.

We have spent twenty years establishing Mistletoe as a producer of quality wine so we were not going to jeopardize that reputation by producing sub standard wines.

This current spell of hot dry weather has been very beneficial as it has helped eliminate any disease issues that may have carried over from earlier in the year.

Even though it has been dry we still have very good ground moisture which has helped with strong and healthy Spring growth in the vineyard.
Spring has also been markedly cooler this year with regular, more frequent, and late, frosts than we have seen for many years.

This has meant the vines were developing slowly at first but the recent warmer weather has seen the vines responding with luxuriant growth.
The long range weather prediction is for a hot, dry year. We hope so, as we need to make up for the lack of grapes in 2012.

Winery Extension

We are doubling the size of the winery production area this year and hope to have all the work completed by mid January.

As with the current structure, the extension is being built from highly rated insulated wall and roof paneling. This extra space will make vintage a much more efficient exercise and will hopefully result in reduced power and storage costs.

It will also give us a dedicated barrel storage area for the first time which will also save us time and labour costs.

Unfortunately, all the efficiencies gained will be completely eliminated, and more than likely, exceeded by the increased cost of electricity alone.