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Mistletoe  Winery - Three Generations of our family to Welcome you!

When visiting Mistletoe it will be very unlikely that you will be looked after by someone other than one of the Mistletoe Family members.
Ken and Gwen, the founders of Mistletoe,work in the cellar door  most days.
They are assisted by daughter Cassandra (aka The Golden Child) and son Robert, and recently by granddaughter Jessica.

The youngest granddaughter, Natane , who is 13, acts in a supervisory capacity and keeps everyone else in line!

During the school holidays,Natane provides a free child minding service so parents can enjoy their wine-tasting in peace.
It was Natane's idea to provide this service.
Sometimes we have even had parents end up waiting for the kids who don't want to leave as they are having too much fun with Natane.
She takes them to feed the fish in the dam, a tour of the sculptures,provides drawing and colouring-in, and, if the kids are very good she rewards them with a lollipop when they are leaving.