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2014 Vintage complete!

2014 Vintage now complete!

The grapes for the Mistletoe Noble Viognier 2014 have just arrived in the winery in perfect condition.
These grapes are always the last to arrive and we can now breathe a welcome sigh of relief.
We also received the Hilltops Shiraz (looks fantastic!) about 4 weeks ago and this is now safely in barrels.
This has been the largest vintage we have ever done - we have run out of tanks and barrels.
It has been a great year with absolutely wonderful wines right across the whole range of styles we make.
It has been such a good year it is too difficult to pick the stand out variety as all the wines are of exceptional quality.

2014 Hunter Shiraz.

The one thing that does stand out for us is the quality of the 2014 Hunter Shiraz crop.
We have had 3 years in the last 5 when we either  didn't make any reds or very little.
2014 has been the best year for Hunter reds for a long,long time!
We harvested Shiraz from 5 different Hunter vineyards this year and they are all exceptional.
It will be a real pleasure to see all the wines from this vintage as they develop and are bottled over the next year or so.
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Keep an eye out for the 2014 wines in our future newsletters.